Cozy In-Home Session

Kelsey + Chris In-Home Session :: Durham, NC


March 2017

In-home sessions are special to me because the photos are literally taking place in  one of the most sacred places – a couples’ home. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent residence, those walls will witness some of your most cherished moments, those everyday ‘small’ moments that make up our lives. And yet, too often, home is the last place we pull out our cameras.

I met Kelsey + Chris through Instagram and we immediately hit it off talking about travel and school (they are also fellow Dukies!). They told me about a magical night on Duke’s campus during Camp-out weekend (for basketball tickets) when ‘Wagon Wheel’ came on the speakers and EVERYONE in the crowd sang every word. They were so inspired by the experience that they got matching tattoos to commemorate the memory.

+ Hint: they may be shaped like wagon wheels if you want to spy them in their photos. +

Kelsey’s bouquet was purchased at the local Durham Farmer’s Market before their wedding. Dried, it creates a gorgeous centerpiece on their dresser. 


We also talked about  the challenges of living away from family, how much we love our pets (they have 2 adorable kitties), and how we can never turn down a good doughnut, especially one from Monuts! 

They told me about their upcoming trips, how they met, what they love most about each other, and snuggled in the rainy morning light.

Knowing they were preparing to move, I asked Kelsey + Chris to tell me how they felt about leaving Durham behind. The answer was filled with emotion – joy and happiness for all of the friendships and memories they had made in North Carolina; excitement for the adventures ahead; and, yes, sadness too, knowing they were leaving dear friends and a place now special to their hearts behind. The most beautiful part of their answer was the unspoken bits though. The way Kelsey leaned into Chris for comfort; the way he wiped a tear away for her. Their vulnerability, honesty, and obvious trust in one another while talking about this topic made my heart swell with joy to witness a love like theirs.

After spending some time abroad, they are now road tripping across the U.S. and you can check out their travels here.



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